Sewer Skewer - Sewer Vent Defroster

Sewer Skewer XL (NEW!)


Sewer Skewer XL (NEW!)
Sewer Skewer XL (NEW!) Sewer Skewer XL (NEW!) Sewer Skewer XL (NEW!) Sewer Skewer XL (NEW!) Sewer Skewer XL (NEW!)

A longer Sewer Skewer is ideal for problematic Sewer Vents.

Keeping your Sewer Vents Clear of Snow and Ice all winter Long.

The Sewer Skewer XL comes with 2x 15" screw on extension pipes. No tools needed to add on these extensions. The Sewer Skewer XL is ideal for problematic sewer vents. The total length of the Sewer Skewer XL is approximately 47 inches long.

Rated for -25° below zero! (Original Sewer Skewer is rated for -15° below zero)

Millions of homes and businesses will need Sewer Skewer protection to prevent frozen sewer vent pipes and the resulting methane sewer gas backup.

Consider it an insurance policy that you can't afford not to to purchase, giving you peace of mind that your Sewer Vents will be kept clear during even the coldest winter nights. You'll sleep easier with a Sewer Skewer protecting your home. Our product prevents roof top sewer vents from freezing up during the winter months. So you will not get backed up sewer gas in your home from a plugged up Sewer vent.

We recommend that customers replace their Sewer Skewers every 3 years for maximum frost-free performance. This is due to all the residue that can  accumulate inside the Sewer Skewer and plug it up, which will drastically lose its ability to transfer heat to the top of the vent. Sewer gas contains methane and many other particles that will stick to the inside of the chamber and plug the pipes.

Sewer Skewer Warranty Certificate