Sewer Skewer


Is your Sewer Skewer not working?

Once you understand the engineering behind the Sewer Skewer, you can more understand why yours may not be working. The sewer skewer is made of copper which is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. It conducts the warm sewer gas from down deep in your sewer vent pipe up to the top of your sewer vent pipe which then will melt off your ice plug on top of your sewer vent. Use an extension. If your attic sewer vent pipe is too cold your sewer gas will not be warm enough to get to the top of your sewer vent and melt off the ice. A solution would be to insulate the sewer vent pipe inside your attic. The farther you can extend the sewer skewer down your sewer vent pipe the warmer sewer gas you will find. Which then can be drawn to the top of the sewer vent pipe and melt off the ice plug. Attics that are well ventilated will have cold sewer vent pipes. Then these sewer vent pipes, really need to be insulated for the sewer skewer to work properly. Customers have told me they have successfully used the sewer skewer for rooftop furnace vents and radon vents. NOTE: You will need to do this at your own risk. Because the Sewer Skewer was only designed for sewer vents. But know that it is copper, and it will not melt.

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