Sewer Skewer

For 5 years, customers have protected their homes with the patented Sewer Skewer

How does it work?

The Sewer Skewer draws heat from the warm sewer gas coming out the bottom of the sewer vent, and it conducts heat to the top of the sewer vent. The top of the Sewer Skewer also draws heat from the sun, and keeps the top of the sewer vent clear of snow and ice.

Sewer Skewer Demo

A permanent solution to your frozen sewer vent problems

Has your frozen sewer vent caused your house to smell like rotten eggs? Did you know sewer gas contains Flammable Methane. 

The Sewer Skewer prevents roof top sewer vents from freezing during winter. Just Drop one in your sewer vent, and sleep easier knowing that you will not get backed up sewer gas in your home!

No installation.

Just Drop it in the top. and your Protected all winter long. 

Flat Rate Shipping

USA shipping is only $15. It doesn't matter if you buy 1 or 20 Sewer Skewers, shipping stays the same!

Simple Installation

The Sewer Skewer is so easy to install. Simply drop it in the top of the sewer vent and let it go!

90 Day Return Policy

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.

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"If you're looking to prevent frozen sewer vents, I highly recommend the Sewer Skewer. It does a great job. I like it because it fits in any size pipe. Leave it in year-round. It's great for people with septic systems. This product really works wonderfully."

– Chet Laney | Master Plumber | Valley Plumbing and Heating | Fargo, ND

"Frozen sewer vents are extremely common with septic systems and the Sewer Skewer takes care of this problem for them. This is a great product that I highly recommend. Just drop it in the top of the sewer vent and it works all winter long. I recommend this to all my customers. I wish more people would use the Sewer Skewer."

– Nick Siefert | Siefert Septic Systems | Pelican Rapids, MN